Art of Thanatos

News on January 18, 2014

Hello, I’m Pedro and I deal with the Concept Art, Level Design and Rigging in the Bug’s Bite project and also with all the Art Direction and Production in the Thanatos project.

Thanatos is a modern 2D action sidescroller but from the artistic perspective is very similar to other 90’s sidescrollers. My main inspirations are games like Sonic, Flashback and Jazz Jackrabbit. However, I never did pixel art, my animations have been experimental at best and I never touched any version of Game Maker before. So the whole project is completely new to me.

One decision I had to make early was the art style. I opted for a very flat style with few colors and emphasis on shape. That had the fortunate accident of occupying very little memory on file and it will help when the project is complete, as a scenery sprite can weigh as little as 768 bytes. Doing pixel art is refreshing because it’s so different from what I usually do. On the other hand, 2D animation is a considerably more complex discipline and is probably that which will take the most time in the art production along with level editing.

As for the Game Maker engine, there are many things that I like. it’s easy to use and I can setup my assets and see them working in engine very easily. There are some considerable limitations on the texture paging but I can live with that. My only problem with it is the level editor, it’s cumbersome to use and the interface is outdated, so it requires a little clockmaker’s patience.

In the next weeks I will keep creating the keyframe sprites for the main character’s animations.

See ya 😉



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